The first interview with a potential customer

19 September 2017

On September 14, 2017, the EBRD RSBF training centre held a workshop on the topic “The first interview with a potential customer”. The main goal of the training was to develop the participants’ skills in express analysis of the data obtained from potential clients in the course of the first interviews. The purpose of express analysis is to determine the feasibility of extending finance to their businesses.

The knowledge and skills gained by the participants at the training will allow them to deal with clients with more confidence and efficiency, as well as to reduce the number of rejected applications after the first interview and improve the quality of services to SME clients.

The following partner institutions took part in the training: Primsotsbank, Investtorgbank, Vozrozhdenie Bank, Transkapitalbank, Chelindbank.

Together with the trainer, Oleg Ivanov, the participants studied in detail the sequence of actions during the first interview with a client, learned to use the basic management reporting tools (the balance sheet and the profit-and-loss statement), to draft and analyse a mind map determining the procedure for the first interview with a potential customer. The participants learned to identify customer needs for credit and non-credit products, made several practical case studies, and practiced express analysis skills for data obtained from a client during the first interview with the aim of assessing the client’s lending prospects. All practical examples and case studies used during the training were based on real-life situations from the banking practice.

The RSBF team leader, Ms. Daniela Wendhaus, made a presentation on the RSBF Knowledge Sharing Platform. She spoke about the results of the Fund’s activities, the advantages and benefits of online learning on the KSP, and about the possibility of taking an EBRD-RSBF certification test and obtaining a certificate in case of success.

Feedback from the training participants:

  • “The training has been very informative and useful for our future work; the information was provided in an accessible and interesting manner. I wish I could attend more training events”.
  • “The information was rendered in a clear and understandable manner. This training course is very useful for specialists who are not familiar with the EBRD credit technology”.
  • “The training has been organized on a high level. Very informative and useful; the atmosphere was very comfortable”.
  • “Perfectly organized”.

The RSBF team of consultants wishes all the participants success in the practical application of the knowledge gained and successful business cooperation with their clients!