Аnalysis and research

Our long-term commitment and dedication to promoting micro and small enterprise (MSE) lending in Russia has enabled us to establish a sector-wide network of renowned banking experts. This, combined with our own practical experience, enables us to give valuable insight into the most appropriate approaches to MSE lending in Russia and to assess the relevant economic, legal and regulatory environment of MSE finance.

RSBF research is aimed at providing banks, other organisations and individuals with an interest in delivering financial services to small businesses with up-to-date information and thorough analyses relevant for understanding developments in the Russian MSE banking sector. Our objective is to share our views, as practitioners and experts, on how to work sustainably and profitably in the Russian MSE lending market. We are dedicated to promoting high-quality, responsible MSE financing and to putting the Russian economy on a broader base with the support of a prospering MSE sector. 22 of the year of MSE lending experience, working in close cooperation with banks servicing the MSE segment are reflected in our reports and discussion papers.

Publications and research on micro and small business lending, short articles and discussion papers are accessible in the "Library" section on the Knowledge-Sharing Platform.